Beta Test

Welcome to the Tag Beta Test!


Beta testing is a stage of the development process where the intended audience tests a product and provides feedback. Thank you for participating and providing valuable feedback that will help us to improve. 

Note, some changes to the product are possible during the beta test period. 

Please feel free to share Tag with fellow educators who are interesting in beta testing, but keep in mind, Tag has not been officially released to the public 

Step 1: Add Tag to Chrome

Because Tag is new, it is still awaiting verification from Google. When you add the extension to Chrome, you should see the following screen. 

Click "Advanced"

Click "Go to Tag"

Click "Allow"

This allows us to use your Google Docs to capture words, and use your Google Drive to create and update your Spelling Sheet. 

For more information on our privacy policy, click here. 

Step 2: Collect Words! 

Tag currently captures words spellchecked in Google Docs & Slides with Google's spellcheck tool. 

We are also working to capture words corrected with Grammarly.

Step 3: Practice Words 

Once you have collected enough words, go to the Play tab on, download your spelling list as a CVS file, and use it to play the Tag Spelling Game. 

Then, words will be read out loud, and the game player needs to spell their word correctly within the dog toy before it hits the groud!


If the word is spelled correctly, Tag the dog gets it and you earn a positive point; if the toy hits the ground before the word is spelled correctly, the cat get is and you lose a point.  

Step 4: Give Feedback

Fill out the Google Feedback Form as many times as you'd like, but please fill it out at least once. Your feedback in valuable as we try to improve! 

Ask Us Anything!

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Tag is a product of Empowered Edu LLC & Google Certified Innovator program, made for teachers by teachers.